“What Matters” in Patient Centric Care: Who are we really kidding?

“What Matters” in Patient Centric Care: Who are we really kidding?


“What Matters” in Patient Centric Care: Who are we really kidding?

440 thousand preventable deaths per year matters

My aunt dying from a CAUTI sepsis infection last year matters

Emily Jerry who died from a Chemo overdose at age 3 matters

Hospital Acquired Infections that are killing healthy people matters

Millions wasted on CMS penalties, instead of fixing the problem matters

Patient access to timely and cost efficient healthcare matters

Provider access to best practice and effective care delivery matters

Provider access to real-time communication tools matters

Building real-time decision support into the clinical practice workflow matters

Engaging and supporting frontline providers and patients matters

Hospital executive “rounding” that demonstrates improvement matters

And this list goes on and on… that’s what truly matters!

These are but a few key strategies that actually support hospital safety and quality “that matter”. In my humble opinion, if our healthcare CNO’s, CEO’s and CFO’s cared about “the patient-centered experience” we wouldn’t have 440k preventable deaths per year and HAC scores with hospital penalties. I think leaders are singing a nice song, but not actually aligning their organization mission and strategy to make patient harm a priority. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few organizations that are doing an outstanding job and leading the way in changing the culture of safety. However, the vast number of healthcare organizations in the US are failing both the patients and the provider. Fundamentally, it comes down to this simple equation – the almighty dollar $$$.

In summary, I would appreciate some feedback and commentary from innovative thinkers and thought leaders who can weigh in on this critical debate and debacle. Additionally, I welcome providers, patients and hospital administrators to add to my list, so together, we can fix what really matters most in healthcare for #ZeroPatientHarm.

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