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The Future of Nursing is Action-Oriented Learning and Frontline Staff Engagement

A recent article in the New York Times by the Pamela Cipriano, the President of the American Nurses Association (ANA), addresses the chronic issue of  hospital under-staffing and poor nurse to patient ratios.  The national concern is that poor staffing conditions lead to reduced resources and potentiates medical errors and erodes the patient care d....

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Relationship-Based Care: are we there yet?

I was honored this week to attend the Digital Transformation of Patient Care Summit in Philadelphia, sponsored by the Canadian Consulate. I spoke at length to an interesting physician expert, Dr. G from Brazil. His hospital was building a relationship-based care (RBC) model into their strategic organization vision. D....

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Communicating Medical Errors: can’t we do better?

The latest stats are in from a recent survey of patients on disclosing medical errors and adverse events. The data shows that providers need a good lesson in both communication and empathy. The results are dismal at best and clearly show a lack of transparency and accountability in the culture of healthcare at the bedside:

Using TOGAF® to Tame “Wicked” Problems to Fix Healthcare

Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure and honor speaking at The Open Group Healthcare Forum in Baltimore (#ogBWI), with my colleague Jason Uppal, Chief Architect at iCareQualtiy....

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“What Matters” in Patient Centric Care: Who are we really kidding?

"What Matters" in Patient Centric Care: Who are we really kidding? 440 thousand preventable deaths per year matters My aunt dying from a CAUTI sepsis infection last year matters Emily Jerry who died from a Chemo overdose at age 3 matters Hospital Acquired Infections that are killing healthy peop....

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