Using TOGAF® to Tame “Wicked” Problems to Fix Healthcare

Using TOGAF® to Tame “Wicked” Problems to Fix Healthcare


Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure and honor speaking at The Open Group Healthcare Forum in Baltimore (#ogBWI), with my colleague Jason Uppal, Chief Architect at iCareQualtiy.  The conference had outstanding Enterprise Architects, Engineers, IT experts and leaders from around the globe. We had the unique opportunity to exchange innovative ideas, challenge the status quo, and vision for a better healthcare future.  Additionally, we brought wicked problems to light and “wondering” opportunities to discover new ways to use TOGAF® methodology to tackle medical errors and global harm.

What did we learn from this expert group and our collective experiences? We gleaned several important lessons:

  1. Improving Healthcare is a global fight, and we plan to win the war for patients and providers.
  2. We DO have the RIGHT team of experts, including The Open Group to help lead the charge.
  3. Wicked problems, such as Medical Errors, are becoming more transparent in a learning culture.
  4. Industry leaders, like Jason Uppal and the Open Group, can help tame this wicked problem using TOGAF® methodology as a systematic framework to optimize, transform and create innovative healthcare solutions.
  5. Our collective goal is ZERO PATIENT HARM, and I think we have the right capabilities to get there.

Overall, the conference was truly a success. My sincere thanks to Mr. Allen Brown, as CEO of The Open Group, for his unwavering leadership over the past 17 years. Many thanks for the support of Jason Lee, Loren Baynes, and many others on the program planning committee. The speakers Dr. Jon White from ONC, and Dr. Lauren Thompson from Department of Defense, were outstanding with a wealth of knowledge as it applies to future health and technology in the US.

In sum, I pause for a reflective moment and feel truly blessed to have participated in this wonderful networking event, as a united team of thought leaders today, who are building a better tomorrow.

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